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Sorry for the inactivity this past month. And I sincerely apologize to people I owe gifts/collabs. It's just been a lot between work, school, and family obligations. Planning on posting sometime this week.…
Feel free to check out this Lit Raffle. :3
My desk lamp broke so now I gotta get a new one. I was planning on fixing my lighting issues anyways. I'm also almost done with the Christmas YCH gifts and Adopt Collab with @Isuralak. Also my birthday is coming up so I plan on buying a shit ton of commissions so if you are reading this and think I should commission you please let me know! :)
Additionally I plan on buying either a 1080p, 1440p, or 2160p (4k) webcam/camcorder so I can do some high quality traditional streams.
As well as doing a lot more adopts and new OC's. I hope I can find a way to squeeze a trip to my grandmother in Oroville so I can learn how to do oil painting, plus I miss them. Plus while I'm up there I can visit my sister and retake those pictures I lost from when I was up there previously. ;3
Got Tagged by SilverDragonStudios 
-1. You have to post ALL the rules

-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves

-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer

-4. Choose 13 people

-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people

-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags

-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED

-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry

-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks
1.Which was better?- How To Train Yo Dragon, or How To Train Yo Dragon 2?
How To Train Your Dragon 2 (Had better general plot and climax)
2. Do you watch GravityFalls?
Not anymore, unless it happens to be on anything there is nothing else on
3. Thoughts on old music?
Some of the best music I have ever listened to. My favorite artists are The Inkspots, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby and Bob Crosby
4. Would you rather fly, or breath underwater?
Fly. I pretty sure it would be really boring especially considering that traveling underwater would be slow and tiring.
5. What font would you be?
I honestly have no Idea. But I'll list a few like Calibri, AR Destine, and Magnolia Bright
6. World destruction by zombie outbreak, or nuclear war?
Nuclear War.
7. Fight in the Hunger games, or have the Nyan Cat song play in your head strait for a full here? *Even when you sleep.. :Shivers:*
Nyan Cat Song. I may lose my sanity but at least there is a chance I won't die. Plus I have Asthma.
8. What is your favorite dragon tribe in WoF?
I haven't really read a single book but I'm gonna with Sandwing cuz they look cool
9. What is your favorite animal *That sounds so childish XD Not like any of my other questions aren't*
10. Warrior cats, or Wings of Fire?
Wings Of Fire
11. Anime?
Yeah I watch some every now and then. My favorite Childhood anime's are Guyver and Gundam
12. Fruit or sweets?
Fruits. They are healthier and usually tastes better.
13. Would you rather discover the cure for Cancer, or for Ebola?
I'm gonna go with Cancer because I'm just randomly picking one because Im at a lose :/
My Questions.
1. Favorite Music Genre
2. Favorite Video Game Series
3. Favorite Visual Artist
4. Favorite Anime Series
5. What instrument can you play? Or want to learn how to play?
6. Paramore or GreenDay?
7. AMD or Intel?
8. What movie would you like a sequel of?
9. What mythical creature would you be if you could choose? (Dragon, Wyvern, Harpy, etc.)
10. If you could travel to any dimension or fictional place where/what would it be?
11. Thoughts on new innovations in technology?
12. If you could own any breed of animal what would it be? (Yes they can be extinct)
13. If you could own any fictional creature what would it be?

Ya'll should go check out this 1000 point raffle that LexisSketches is holding! :3…
So I decided to do this as a side note incase I forget to do something (which I usually happens).
-Have a day of relaxation and solitude (I work on a farm 6 days a week and my back is killing me)
-Improve my photographic, artistic, and culinary skills.
-Build a new computer (LGA 1151 or 2011-3)
-Visit my grandmother and gain a greater artistic perspective
-Buy a new guitar
-Increase my savings
-Finish that song I'm making
-Complete Chapters 1-3 of Arc Draconis
-Improve my audio setup
-Increase my volunteer hours
-Find a new partner
-Make art for my grandmothers
-Learn a new language
-Learn how to play a new instrument
And......... yeah. That's about it. I feel like I'm missing something though......….  Y'all know what ta' do :3…
Here's a quick short list of people I'm currently giving gifts.

Collabs in Progress....
sketchykitty - Almost done with line art, etc.
GrimmyHasNoBark - Almost done……

    I decided to something nice and festive for the upcoming holidays! :) Also I stole the "Raffle/Contest" idea from but I don't remember who... >:'3     For the Contest I decided to mix up the artistic perspective in order to keep the entries interesting and flexible. In the Photography category there will be One winner and that winner will receive 1 Shaded Traditional Half Body (basically waist up) of the OC of their choice. All you have to do to meet the entry requirements is......

Be watching me...

Have this post in your favorites...

Post an image of something "Christmas" themed, and the more creativity the better. :D (Big Grin) 2016 NaNoEmo - #1 Imagination 

Disclaimers: If you participate in this category you cannot participate in the Traditional and Digital Art category, and vice versa. Doing so may disqualify you from this contest entirely.

    The Traditional and Digital art category will have 2 winners. The 1st winner will receive one shaded traditional full body of their OC of choice. The 2nd place winner will receive one shaded traditional Half Body of the OC of their choice. All you have entry requirements is..

Be watching me..

Have this post in your favorites...

Post an entry containing Digital or Traditional Art which depicts 1 or more character(s) doing something "Christmas" related. Or have a "Christmas" related background.

And yes NSFW is accepted... Now listen closely (Robbie Rotten GIF Icon) 

A few examples of what I can and usually do...
.Wolf by HaloExodus Guess who got detailed and shaded?! :3 by HaloExodus Charolette by HaloExodus

There will be one raffle winner but that winner will receive a full body and half body of their choice. To earn an entry all you have to do is be watching me, favorite this post, and link me a journal linking this post.

   The winners will be chosen on December 18th, 2016. I wish good luck to all who enter. :3

   So earlier I had made a short wishlist on my phone and wasn't very in-depth regarding links and stuff. I also wanted to make a new one anyways because my OC References weren't very detailed at the time. So here it is...

Terraphus Fursona Edit by HaloExodusTamotsu Kazuhiko by HaloExodusTamotsu Kazuhiko by HaloExodusTerraphus by HaloExodus

Other WIP Characters...
OC (Name Pending) by HaloExodusWIP Dragon by HaloExodus
Charolette by HaloExodusWIP group  by HaloExodus

I thank each and every one of you who has been tagged for even taking to look at my horrid art. :) Hi! 
Maybe the gods of art will grant me a wish, probably not. I'm gonna be that one dude standing behind the gate l like, "Ey, EEEEaaaayyyy! Hit cha boi up. EEEEYYYYYY"
As the guards are talking to each other like, "Is that Roland again? That's probably him....", guard number #2 replies, "Yup, that's him allllll right. Everyyyyy time." I honestly could care less if it's a headshot, full body, etc. I would be excited and thankful just getting anything in general. Mainly of my OC Terraphus. Who has a shit ton of evolutionary forms. Lol.……
I would like to start off saying I appreciate each and every one of you who are kind enough to stop by and leave your supportive comments, favs, or even choose to watch my dumbass.

So a few days ago I found out that my [EX]girlfriend was basically "hoeing" around town. The relationship was dull anyways and I knew It probably would end If I didn't respond. But she could have at least consulted me with a level of maturity. Instead for 9 months she decided to go behind my back and still keep our relationship going. Here's the gist of it, we have been dating for 2 years, and our relationship was strictly based on personality, not on explicit desires. And I haven't even had my first kiss yet (yes I know). In my younger days I was, and and still is, depressed and seclusive. I personally didn't want a girlfriend because I had no idea what a legitimate relationship was so I decided to keep my emotionally unstable self in a fortress of solitude. Until I met (giving her a fake name for privacy) Ashley. She was a childhood friend and I kept her hidden from my other friends because both of us wanted our privacy. After she moved we kept a long distance relationship for around 9 or 10 months until you know what happened. She didn't even last a whole month close proximity interaction (despite our unusual relationship). On the day of our breakup she claimed she was "enticed" into a sexual relationship, but kept dating me because of my personality. I legit almost cried my ass off. She's still texting me as we speak.

General lesson in this: No long distance relationships for me. And if you took the time to read this I thank you!
So I decided to post this to help support me and a friend I'm watching Shadoritos! you can help us out by using my link and his link (which is on his page, he's also a pretty good artist by the way). Doing so gives you the chance to get a FREE computer (plus some other stuff) and helps ya boi's out!
Putting up updated commission prices and adopt info. For examples visit my page. DA is error-ing for some reason. By the way I only do Feral, Anthro, and Dragon atm. 
    Traditional Sketches...............
    1. Full Body Sketch: 200-1000 points depending on complexity (or DOC for short)
    2. Half Body Sketch: 400 points
    3. Portrait: 250 points
Digital conversions will be 100-200 points. DOC
Shading comes free.
Character sheets are +50 points

Additional character adopts will be up soon. Working on a new batch right now. AB will start around 400-1200 points. SB will usually start around 250…